16 March 2005 – Mohammed Bijeh

Tehran’s ‘Desert Vampire’ was executed today in 2005 after he was found guilty of numerous murders.

The 24-year-old confessed to targeting young children in a six-month rampage in which he raped and killed 16 boys aged between eight and 15 years old. He would lure them away by saying that they were going to go hunting for animals.


But that was just a ploy. Instead the children would be poisoned or knocked unconscious, abused and then buried. Of course, it is thought that there could well be more victims (up to 20 perhaps), but the 16 crimes eventually caught up with the depraved individual and he was found guilty. Bijeh had an accomplice – Ali Baghi – who was sentenced to 100 lashes and a 15-year prison sentence.

However, the Iranian serial killer was sentenced to death by hanging as well as the 100 lashes.


Around 5,000 Iranians turned out for his execution. He was handcuffed to a post, his shirt removed and the 100 lashes administered, during which he collapsed twice.

A rope was then tied round his neck, reportedly by one of the victims’ mothers, before he was hoisted up to 10m with the aid of a crane, until he was dead. This is a slower form of punishment as the criminal’s neck is not broken. Instead the person is slowly strangled to death.

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