16 March 1999 – Andrew Kokoraleis

Andrew KokoraleisAs many as 18 women – that’s how many victims the Chicago Rippers were said to have targeted. And Andrew Kokoraleis paid for his bloodlust on this day in 1999.

Satanic verses

He was one of a depraved quartet of cannibalistic men who’d target young women, torturing them, gang raping them and stabbing them.

Then they’d carry out a sickening satanic ritual where they would remove the victims’ left breasts using garrotting wire, before feasting themselves on the fruits of their labour and saving the rest in a trophy cabinet. All this took place while they read out extracts from the Satanic Bible.

Miraculously a 20-year-old prostitute survived such an attack, and was able to identify the men.

Life and death

Kokoraleis’s brother Tommy along with ring leader Robin Gecht got 70 and 120 years respectively. But Ed Spreitzer and Kokoraleis got the death penalty.

However Illinois chose to stop doling out the death penalty in 1999. All except for one, that is – Kokoraleis. He became the last person to be executed in Illinois when the 35-year-old got his share of the lethal injection.

Meanwhile, Spreitzer got off with his life.

Also on this day

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