15 March 2006 – Tommie Collins Hughes

Tommie Collins HughesTurncoat Alina Henry’s damning evidence against her boyfriend ensured that he was put down for his part in an armed robbery, while Henry got away with her life.

Henry received a lesser charge for her crucial evidence in the trial against Tommie Hughes and his cousin, who were charged with robbery and murder. She, on the other hand, got 11 years for her part in the crime.

Bad idea

Apparently disgraced ex-marine Hughes suggested to his girlfriend and cousin that they should go and rob someone. So they headed down to the Dallas cinema car park where two women were walking back to their car. The two females were shot at point blank range and stripped of their money, jewellery and mobile phones.

Force to be reckoned with

But the police happened to be out in full force that night and the three suspects were soon arrested. Blood was found that incriminatingly placed them at the scene of the crime and they were dragged in for questioning.

Hughes was eventually tried for one murder and found guilty. His cousin, Derric English was tried later and sentenced to 40 years. But Hughes got the death penalty. And the 31-year-old was executed by lethal injection in Texas.

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3 Responses to “15 March 2006 – Tommie Collins Hughes”

  1. cameron Says:

    you had my aunt sent away for 11 years

  2. Alina Henry's Mother Says:

    And since my GOD is a good GOD then he’s burning in hell!! (ALBERINA HENRY)

  3. Tiahri Hughes Says:

    😥 that was my father

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