15 March 1963 – Victor Feguer

Victor FeguerVictor Harry Feguer made his name as the last person to be executed in America before it was banned as a sentence until 1976.

He remains the last person to be put to death in Iowa after he was found guilty of killing a doctor, possibly in the fruitless pursuit of drugs.

He took Dr Edward Bartels hostage then shot him in the head and was caught a few days later trying to offload Bartel’s car.

Suits you

Feguer was sentenced to death by hanging and for this he got two suits – one for the execution and one for his burial.

The pits

The day of reckoning loomed and on his last night he put in a highly unusual request. As you probably are aware, death row inmates always get to choose their last meal – but all he asked for was an olive with the pit left in.

Unfortunately for trivia fans of “the savoury grape”, records do not reflect if it was a green, or a black olive, but after his execution he was buried in his second new suit – and strangely one of the pockets contained the pit from the olive.

…unfortunately for trivia fans of “the material flap”, records do not reflect which pocket it was. 

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One Response to “15 March 1963 – Victor Feguer”

  1. VA Justice Says:

    Victor Feguer was not the last person executed in America until 1977. Rather he was the last person executed by the federal government until 2001, when Timothy McVeigh was put to death. States continued to execute inmates, albeit sporadically, from 1963 until 1967.

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