13 March 1985 – Stephen Morin

Stephen MorinIt took 40 minutes to find a vein to inject serial rapist and killer, Stephen Peter Morin with his killer injection on this day in 1985.

He’d been found guilty of raping and killing three women. But that was just the surface of a whole ream of crimes.


Morin would cruise along in his specially soundproofed van, trawling the streets of the mid-West looking for victims and he found over 30 to rape and torture during his twisted campaign.

Sadly, he was only ever convicted of murdering just three women, one of whom was Carrie Marie Scott, who he killed in 1981 as he was trying to steal her car.

It did emerge later that he’d killed others and he was done for a further two slayings – Janna Bruce in Corpus Christi and Shelia Whalen in Colorado.

Vein attempt

Just four years after Scott’s murder, Stephen Peter Morin was executed by lethal injection in Texas after pleading guilty. But it was not a straightforward death. Due to Morin’s prolific drug abuse, it took his executioners a full 45 minutes to find a suitable vein.

They finally found one after searching all four of his limbs for some time, but not before they started considering plan B…where they would have had to splice open the 34-year-old’s arm to expose the veins.

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87 Responses to “13 March 1985 – Stephen Morin”

  1. I find it extremely interesting that I’ve yet to find one secular blog that has mentioned the miracle that came from this horrendous serial killer and that he was indeed. No one has mentioned that his last victim was Margy Mayfield (a born again Christian) who after being kidnapped from a K-Mart parking lot spent the next 10 hours with Stephen Morin praying for him; giving him the Word of God and before the time was up; Stephen came to Christ, went to prison, spread the Word of God; the warden came to God amidst prisoner after prisoner. Of course, Morin had committed a crime that had to be paid for by the mandated penalty which in the state of Texas was execution. But nobody ever tells this story but the Christian circles. I find that extremely interesting.

    FYI: The Story of Stephen Morin (if anyone is interested) can be found by contacting Focus On the Family: http://www.fotf.org.

    • I find it sickening that you take the time to praise his conversion sue belote was my best friend he took my bestfriends life I could care less about his conversion, give me a break. My friend will never marry , have children, laugh , love and I will not be able to see her smiling face again…..

      • Lisa Abbott Says:

        I’m with you Joann…… Evil anybodys can pretend to find God in the hopes it might keep them alive. The rest of you make me sick – whining for the spawn of the devil saying nothing about the victims. It was a long time ago but guess whzat? KARMA HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE. May you get yours you phoneys.

    • sherry Says:

      Are you serious you Jesus FREAK!!! He didnt find God…he knew his time was up and like all atheist he was making a last ditch effort. These families have suffered enough and then you write this crap.

      • The police would not have caught him if it was not for what Andy told us about above. Jesus told us that if we trust HIM, we would be made a new person and the radical change in Steven Morin showed just that. Oh I know some may ask how can GOD forgive someone like that… Well if GOD could forgive those who nailed Christ to a Cross, HE can forgive Stephen and if HE could not forgive him, HE would not be able to forgive me…OR you.
        You see we are ALL guilty of SIN and therefore are all worthy of eternal death, We could be the best person in the world and it would not buy us one second in heaven because all our works are as filthy rags. It would be like us trying to buy a mansion with garbage. Before you tell me that I do not know what it is like to have someone treat me like that…I DO! When I was a young child I was kidnapped and raped by a total stranger yet if I were to meet him today, I would want him to know my LORD. NO this does not negate answering for the crime they did here on earth but it would negate a sentence to hell.

    • I have seen unexplainable miracles so I don’t doubt the possibility. I hope this is true. Its sad how the media hides accounts of people being delivered from evil. One thing is for sure, we will ALL face our maker one day and account for what we have said and done. A sobering thought.

      • crystal Says:

        Open your eyes, maybe cause it’s not true…..

      • apple Says:

        Sure Ann he was really delivered from evil . Got to love delusional religious freaks. The only place he went is to rot in the ground . Save your stupid bible thumping for people who care .

    • He was a sick bastard, glad he’s dead.

    • Lisa Abbott Says:

      And goody for him – he found God – then he MIGHT get the opportunity to explain why he should be forgiven. Details at 6:00

    • David Mooney Says:

      Andy De Mers. You are sick in the head.

    • crystal Says:

      Signs of a serial killer by crystal Clary author house.com e-book hardcover a d softcover the story of sue belote who lost her life to stephen peter morin read and learn the signs protect yourself and your family members

    • Trisha Barton Says:

      I too was disappointed not to hear about Margy and how God used her to bring an end to Stephen’s torment. It is sad to know about all the lives lost, but what God did through Margy helped to bring a lost soul to a saving grace and through Stephen, the warden and other guards also came to know the Lord. Thank you for sharing this Andy

    • Do you know how many serial killers are out there that we don’t know about? I think it’s around 200 or more. We do not know about them unless they are in our area. I had never heard of Stephen Morin until I watched the show on Investigation Discovery. I am with Joann and Lisa.

    • crystal Says:


    • The true story…. Amazon.com/author/crystalclary

    • apple Says:

      Oh please ! I have seen your name on other sites trying to argue about the number of women he killed as being a lie …… You are a pathetic creep . Nobody cares that he lied about finding God , that it took 40 to find a vein and nobody needs you to be the patron saint for killers . Why defend them . They all supposedly find God . They also all claim to be innocent .
      This man was a 2 cousin of mine and I am glad the SOB is dead . I am sorry he was not caught faster and I a m so sorry for all his victims and their loved ones .

      • Kudos to Apple! He was a client of mine in a business I own in Las Vegas. He raped and murdered one of my employees and 2 of my clients…All were found with severe skull damage from being struck repeatedly with a rock. Humane euthanasia was a gift he definitely did not give to any of his victims!

      • Thank you for sharing, I know it is not easy.

    • Are you kidding me? Clearly you have no clue the pain he put his victims and their families through. So what if he found God, all to convenient to find religion when you have committed despicable acts on more than just the three he was convicted of. He is not absolved or free of guilt because he killed people, so he got the punishment he rightfully deserved, only without the torture, rape, or fear he instilled in others. When you experience the deep pain that we the victims of killers experience then you can speak your idiotic mind. Until you have experienced this kind of loss shut the hell up! Christian fanatics are the scariest people! Don’t believe me look in the mirror.

  2. Hi Andy, you are soooo right about this. I have the tape and still listen to it. I praise God each time. He is ever merciful and forgiving, even where we would not be. The power and love of God to change a life, even one so corrupted by sin. Dear friend, we are all corrupt like that. Our hearts are just as wicked. Jeremiah says: “the heart is decietful above all things and desparately wicked, who can know it?” As 1st Corintihians says: “and such were some of you.” Referring to criminal acts that they did. But now they are forgiven, washed clean of the sin in their heart. Christ went to the cross friend to pay for your sin. Because Stephen accepted what God’s Word says, he received Christ as Saviour, and has a home in heaven with Him. Don’t pooh-pooh this! He’ll do the same for you.

  3. Tricia Says:

    Thanks, Andy. I just listened to the CD of Margy and her story of being with this murderer turned believer. Amazing! The word definitely needs greater coverage, thanks for helping to make that happen!

  4. Suzanne Says:

    My name is Suzanne, Stephan was big bro and he called me lil sis. My familly all but legally adopted him. My mom is Pat Murrey and I saw God unfold in both of there lives. He was afraid a movie would not bring Glory to God. I was in my early twenties when he was executed. My mother was there and said that he just went to sleep, not convulsions, nothing. Stephan was also worried what the publicity might do to those he loved. I hate what he did. But I love him.

    • Will Says:


      That’s VERY interesting that you were so close to him. Do you know of any plans by a Christian author or movie producer to do his story? I have tried what limited people I know in the industry to encourage them toward this but no success. This story needs to be told. . . . the whole story.

      • slick willie Says:

        Give it time. God moves in mysterious ways. Wish I could share details but the wheels are already in motion.

      • crystal Says:

        Interesting the victims forgotten and a fake conversion instilled, what a bait and switch game you have going… it’s called brainwashing and I don’t mean. Cleaning the brain I mean wipeing out your memory banks…..

    • sherry Says:

      you people are messed up. You all sound like a damn cult. You know what…pray to God that you dont ever suffer like these people did…..if it was you that he did this horrible disgusting things to im sure you wouldnt be finding such love for the monster!!!!

  5. Jo Peters Says:

    I first heard the rest of Stephen’s story on the radio while my house was being remodeled. The workmen had to wonder as I sat at the table listening, laughing one minute and the next minute crying. It is one of the most amazing and powerful testimony’s I have ever heard. Yes, Stephen had done wicked, evil things. But his life was transformed when he encountered Jesus. He was evidence that no one is too far gone, that God cannot restore.

  6. LOLO Says:

    Well, he did finally become converted when he Knew the gig was up. I was one of his victims and he caused some people lifetime pain from the horror he inflicted. He not only killed those three girls but raped and tortured many others with the help of Rita Xavier his so called girlfriend and accomplice. He had help from knowing people that knew about him and did nothing. He was a con artist to the end, but I do think he was tired and I pray it was real. Please don’t forget the young women aged 21, 21, and 23 whose lives were brutally taken. It makes me sick that so many people fussed over him at the end. I still live with the horror he inflicted on me and know many out there do also. The rape and torture victims are still trying to cope after all these years. People like Chris Clark who constantly blogs about his interaction with MOrin knew about it and did nothing. Morin was enabled by some people and that is so sad. He could have been stopped and should have been far earlier. Let’s pray the women he killed were saved.

  7. Hanli Says:

    I only heard the testimony on the James Dobson Radio show this morning on my way to the gym. I must say it was a wonderful way to kick of the day. What a great knowing that God is aware of each one of us. He is alive and always prepared to forgive us (even if we committed unthinkable crimes and cost emense pain to others). Margie is such an example of what the Lord expect us to be: a light in the darkness.

  8. I have never commented before this. Robert, as I knew him, was a friend of mine here in Las Vegas. He was married to a wonderful woman and they were clients of mine. He did, however, rape, torture, and murder an employee of mine, along with MANY other women in the Las Vegas area. He kept “souvenirs” from his victims, which is how the police knew approximately how many victims were in this area. He may have “turned to Christ” in the end, but he inflicted terrible pain on Many families of his victims, as well as his family here….He should also be remembered for that, moreso than for suddenly becoming a Christian.

  9. I too have also wished for a movie to be made of the story of Stephen Morin but I know it would cause a lot of pain for the victims and their families. Why would anyone say it is better to remember Morin for his evil deeds instead of his good ones? And it appears there were good deeds done by this man in his latter years. It was only a few days ago in fact that I prayed for Steven Morin’s son. I have no idea who he is or where he is but God brought him to my mind and I prayed for him. Forgiveness is hard for those who have been wronged but once achieved can bring real freedom and relief. I pray that those individuals who were victims of Morin’s can at some point come to forgive him for what he did. My prayers go out to you, including LoLo. Such a fuss was made over Morin at the end because a life was changed, a soul saved, and God’s hand was in it. Many people’s lives were positively influenced because of those events and one cannot ignore the good that came at the end. Why would anyone NOT want to share the story of a man who repented of his evil deeds and apparently changed his life. He could have killed his last victim at any time but through her, God changed his life and she lived to tell the story. I give God the glory for that.

    • Victor Says:

      Morin was not on his way to turn himself in when he was arrested. seems that is often conveniently overlooked. He hopped a buss and was high tailing it out of town, no doubt enroute to his next victim. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. A miracle Is where the sun falls from the sky and people are dryed after a torrential rain, followed by the infirmed being healed, notice the absence of 37 people getting killed? That’s a miracle. ITS NOT A MIRACLE WHEN 37+ PEOPLE DIE!! it is offensive to the survivors of the victims to say it is or anything he did was good after he’s gone! IF he was saved he would not have been psychopathic anymore and would have marched his ass to the sherrifs office and turned himself in!

    • He will never be remembered for savings lives, only God saves lives. He will be remembered for being a rapist, torcherer, murderer and enjoying it…. truth is truth and lie is lie. We will not let anyone spread a lie about his Conduct, that will never wash. He was a murderer … that is,the truth Amazon.com/author/crystalclary

    • Trisha Says:

      Well said Stacy. I was not a victim of this man. But am a victim of another. I lived. and after a time, forgave my attacker. I remember what happened to me but do not live in fear any more. I pray for my attacker all the time. I don’t know what has become of him and I pray that he has found a new life in Christ. That is the message being portrayed here. A person so consumed by hatred toward others stems from hatred of him/herself and from not knowing the love of our Savior. I pray for the victims of all crimes and for their perpetrators.

  10. elizabeth Says:

    I think it is ALL B******T. HOW DID HE repent to the families of the 37 women he killed? He only was charged with 3 murders but killed far more than that. In his last statement he did not even ask God for peace for the families of his victims. I find it VERY hard to believe that he could be so evil and brutal and sadistic and then suddenly transformed. Jesus can do that ONLY if the person is remorseful. I don’t think this scum was truly saved, just playing the part.

  11. Stan Says:

    Elizabeth, what would he gain to “play the part”?
    He died peaceful – thus he had peace with GOD.
    Before GOD there is no difference whether he raped, tortured and killed 37 women or anyone else who stole a car.

    • Really big difference , the car is metal , stealing it doesn’t take the owners life away. The car can’t get married, have children, a career , spend time with it’s mother , father and friends. It can’t smile , share jokes . It feels no pain , it is not alive. So when you insult all the family and friends of the victims by suggesting that it’s like stealing a car , I think you need help!!!!!!!Morin was narssissic psyco so when mary prayed for him instead of herself he really liked it. But he did not give himself up he was boarding a bus to chase another young women who escaped from him. If he was let free he would have killed again. Don’t be naive ….that’s what gets people killed . Trusting and being naive . Or in this case just him seeing you .

    • sherry Says:

      Really??????You know what…what if this happens to you…your family???? Bet you that you would feel different. Insensitive is what you bible thumpers are. A Cult of the worst kind of hypocrites. God has NOTHING to do with this man….There is a special place in hell for him….

  12. james n sweeney Says:

    I hear the pain and the anger of some people on this site about Stephen’s claim to Christ and salvation. I understand how this claim looks when being viewed from knowing Stephen before he met Margy Mayfield and Jesus. I believe Margy said it best when she herself said, ” He was one of the worst”. I would first ask ALL to get the CD “Spiritual Warfare: The Story of Stephen Morin”, listen to what transpired bettween him and Margy Mayfield, then understand that our desire is not to glorify Stephen in any way. It is to spread the word about how great GOD’s love is and how complete and perfect the sacrifice CHRIST made on the cross was for ALL of mankind. It so beautifully illustrates our blessed savior JESUS CHRIST. Stephen’s brutal acts caused much pain and are hated of GOD even more than man, but anyone who “repents” can find GOD’s love and open arms. PRAISE THE LORD IN HEAVEN. Let me say to all of Stephens victims. Get the CD, listen to it and then, lay all your pain and anger at the foot of the cross and see what GOD can do for you.


    • Victor Gramrosa Says:

      Hey that’s great, I can repent and spend all of eternity in heaven with the person who raped and murdered my high school sweetheart..No thanks. I stand by my statement that if there was a god he would not have let this or anything like this happen in the first place. Until something like this happens to your family or loved one you will NEVER understand.

      • I don’t agree with these Bible thumping Jesus freaks, but it’s not about denouncing God, as he gives us freewill and its that freewill that allows people to be evil and dark, but don’t blame that the actions of a savage on God.

    • Trisha Barton Says:

      Well said, James. I agree completely.

    • Trisha Says:

      Thank you james n sweeney. I couldn’t have expressed this better.

  13. Todd Anderson Says:

    Please listen to this testimony, the story of Margy Mayfield and her encounter with Stephen Morin. http://withusisgod.org/2009/07/margy-mayfield/

  14. Ruth J. Davis Says:

    I served as one of the jurors on his trial. I wasn’t sure I would have the courage to vote yes on the death penalty. I always believed it was God’s decision who would live or die. After listening to the various testimonies and seeing some of his victims, I had NO PROBLEM voting yes!

    Watching Morin during the trial, I had the feeling that he did not care about the pain and sorrow he inflected on his victim’s families. In other words, I think his conversion to Christ was all a scam. Just a big show he put on!

    Also, I still have questions regarding Margy Mayfield — don’t ask me what, there is just something about her testimony I couldn’t accept.

  15. Victor Gramrosa Says:

    Stephen Morin Killed my High school sweetheart Cheri Daniels. He kidnapped her and 6 months later her decomposed body was found naked duct taped with a bullet hole in her skull. She had been tortured & raped repeatedly over a period of approx 2 weeks. Her Body was found nearby another victim Susan Belote, his wallet close to Cheri. This was not an isolated case,there were an estimated 37-38 other women and quite a few men trying to protect their women friends who were his victims. He was prosecuted and executed for 3 of the capital crimes only and deserved to die a slow and agonizing death not the humane euthanasia he received. To those who think he was a good Christian and his memory is being smeared and Gods grace is in him. i say if Gods had any Grace whatsoever,God would have seen to his death BEFORE any of these women died.There was no miracle in any of this. Only misery.

    • Thank you victor, Sue Belote was my best friend and I agree with you, she was the kindest most loving friend a person could have . To think he could do such things to her pains me and for this to be turned into a circus about his conversion

    • Katie Hope Says:

      Hi Victor,
      Katie here, Cheri’s younger sister. I am hoping to connect with you. Tried facebook but no luck. Would you be willing to email me if you can see the note I sent to you via FB?

  16. Tracy Hoffman Says:

    It must be a dreadful thing to experience, losing a loved one in such a traumatic way. I fortunately have never faced anything like the one gentleman has mentioned for the loss of his sweetheart at the hands of Stephan Morin and I would never want to. However let me assure you of this, GOD DOES SAVE. He never died on the cross for certain people, he died for ALL. Even while he was hanging on the cross he saved the criminal hanging along side him. My God is a redeemer to the end and has given each one of us his saving grace. Do not doubt what God is capable of doing. He loves each one of us so much to even forgive a man like Stephan Morin. Whether he truly made a commitment is between him and God but make sure that when it is your turn to meet our Heavenly Father, that you are ready. God bless all of you and know that JESUS loves you!!!

    • Tracy……I wonder how you would feel if any of those victims had been you sister, daughter, or wife (if you are a male). You religious FREAKS make me want to puke! You’re as bad as the ACLU people that think that convicted pedophils serving time need to be let out of prison early because of fear for their lives! Free to molest other children, compliments of our legal system….

    • Victor Gramrosa Says:

      Tracy , you really have no i dea how it could feel and thanks to the great state of Texas there is one less chance yo u will ever have to.

      • texas sucks with it’s cesspool of fake christians, staunch racists. and backward thinkers not to mention it’s lousy weather among many other things…

      • Victor Says:

        Frank, Thank those “backward thinkers” you will never know the pain morin can inflict.

    • thank you god for not saving morin he is in hell where he belongs

  17. Winston Says:

    only those saved by grace can trully appreciate God’s grace to others

    • Victor Gramrosa Says:

      Some God …grace for the serial killer and a miserable horrible death for the innocent victim. Lifetime of empty loss for the families of the victims. What kind of God treats monsters like him the same as the innocents? Thats some kind of messed up shit..

  18. Victor Gramrosa Says:

    There is currently a 10 part documentary in the works by October films out of the UK that will show some of what this monster did. it will air on the discovery channel and as more info about the time becomes available I will post it.

  19. sharrie Says:

    It is quite obvious knowing which of the preceding people know and have a relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ. All I would add is “Just because you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it is not true.” We each one will be accountable for what we do. We are not accountable for anyone else. I pray that all of you will be saved.

    • victor gramrosa Says:

      While that may be true, we as a society , let alone we as the victims family, would be negligent to leave it at that. We have a responsibility , knowing the horrible crimes this monster committed on our loved ones and others to step in and stop him before he got to you and your family. You see sharrie I never thought it would happen to my Cheri either and I’m sure no one else did eitherl. If it helps your blessed christian heart just think his execution was Gods will or it would have never happened.I stand by my earlier post. Why does God let the innocents suffer? Is this a kind gentile god? And in the end if my girlfriend was never saved does she not go to heaven and the killer does? How terrible would it be to have a mass murderer in heaven with you. Hey maybe your buddie Hitler will be there too! Since you all love mass murderers so much!

    • crystal Says:

      I find it interesting you would think that some of the people writing these blogs are not Christians….but would fully believe morin was converted…. read my book signs of a serial killer by crystal clar y than let’s see if you are filled with the holy spirit and can see the wolf in sheep’s clothing….uncover your eyes, even his last statement forgive them instead of please forgive me and help the family and friends I have harmed

  20. Dessie Campbell Says:

    I believe that God is a loving God and that is why He hasn’t returned to destroy this world, now ruled by evil. I don’t think it is fare for God to send His Son to die a horrible death on the cross because He wanted all of us to receive Him and get to have peace on earth and a final resting place where there is no evil. So there is no crying, no illness, no pain in Heaven. We are all sinners and unable to get to Heaven by our own making. That is why He sent His Son. I pray that you will receive His Son as you read this.

    • victor gramrosa Says:

      Well I do look around every day and I do see the world ending for many people. A terrible ending that many seriously do not deserve. It seems there is more and more suffering than ever of innocents. Is this just because they are not saved ? Or more deaths so god can prove how much he loves us all? Thanks for the prayer . but I have doubt’s that they are ever heard.

      • Amen, Victor! Belief in a sky god preceded the myths of Christianity by thousands of y. rs. Just consider Zeus, who sent his son, Hercules. You have to be a complete idiot to believe a being created this little planet, to have it be the only life in a universe of violins of galaxies, each containing billhooks of stars. The only way to believe religion is to be too ignorant and frightened to see the vastness of the universe. And then there are the incredibly ignorant nuts, who cannot see through the con job that this maniac tried to put over. Just like the old saying goes, that there are no atheists in a foxhole, there are none in jail either. Is easy to bargain to believe in religion when you are about to die. Sorry folks, when your heart stops, you won’t be anywhere to goat about your righteousness. Just like you can’t remember anything before you were born, you won’t get anything after you die. Being an atheist, I realize that there are just sick people doing sick things in this world. There is no questioning about why a god allows such terrible things to happen.

        I’m sickened that it took me, someone with a “genius IQ”, 50 years to realize the truth. At least I figured it out before I wasted more time and energy on religion. Now I devote that time and energy to helping others who religions don’t help.

    • If you believe in prayer, you believe a god will intervene/bless/help a church member who has hundreds of other members praying for them. Seems awful that a god would help that person , but by reasoning of prayer, would not help a homeless man who had nobody praying for him. And if you say that he would, then why pray at all? It is a circular reasoning that you cannot logically explain.

  21. shine Says:

    God was just his distraction and one of his Obsessions after being caught. I wish people were smart

  22. Linda Burkholder Says:

    Christ was also an innocent victim. Not only did he suffer a brutal death, he succumbed to a broken heart … because we ALL have denied him! I am forever grateful to my savior for his love and forgiveness. What we do to each other pains him greatly! I, for one, feel a great burden lifted lnowing that God is the judge and jury-not me!!!!! We don,t need to worry about this man’s soul – God has taken care of it already-all glory to jim gor tjat!!!!!

    • Victor Says:

      Christ Challenged the powers that be. He threw over the money changer’s tables. he called himself king, which he may have been to many but it was not innocent. it was a challenge that the powers that be did not over look. These 37 women everyone is forgetting about when they AND you pray for morin were innocent. your statement “worry about this mans soul” sums it up in entirety. morin was “saved” did he give the victims a chance before he brutally took their lives? was this gods will to later allow this so called “miracle”? hogwash!

  23. Joe G. Says:

    Victor, sorry to hear about your loss. I just watched obsession on investigation discovery, first aired episode and is was about Morin. Crazy stuff, I believe i n God, but sometimes it feels like he’s not there.

    • Victor Says:

      Thanks for the sentiment Joe. There are few of us on here and we appreciate the support.

  24. James Says:

    The conversion from life to death was the only one that matters with this piece of crap. The Lord will not forgive what he has done to the innocent. Praise all he wanted…he is burning in hell.

  25. Hipp-Ee-Chik Says:

    I have read his “come to Jesus moment” and although I’m very greatful he decided that he would choose that path after kidnapping his last victim and holding her hostage for more than ten hours. Had it not been for her real walk with God and hoping that her powerful feelings for her Lord and Savior could be transferred to an animal such as Stephen Peter Morin. It was only by the Greece of God that he came to realize that now was the time and he should hurt no one else. Had she not been such a believed woman and hopeful that she could turn him onto her path of righteousness she would have been another of his victims. She is a very lucky woman and is truly the woman that put and end to a violent serial killer by her religious faith. I am not a religious person but I’m so glad that she was and for her sake that it worked. I do have to say if he was such a devote person in the time leading up to his death he would have given the families of his other victims the information to find there loved ones so they can be put to rest and there families can morn them properly. To me it was the untimate “screw you” under a guise of allicuting the three murders he committed too. What about the dozens of women and seven men he murdered as well not to mention the final woman that he stalked from all around the country as well as her family and children. Nothing will ever give these families there loved ones back or even the finality of finding a body to bury/cremate and morn,instead they hope against all odd that there family members could somehow be alive.(even though that chance is less than nil). He easily stole identities off of tombstones,filed for a birthcertificate in that person’s name and would resume that identity using make-up,prosthetics,gain weigh,lose weigh,change his hair and every aspect of his prsonality and make his future victims feel comfortable enough to trust them before killing them also. This guy had absolutely no redeeming qualities. I hope his brain was studied after he was put to death so we can try to understand anything that his brain could offer society today.

    • crystal Says:

      One poor victim of morins was killed in a praying position and than raped after being dead awhile….sorry but true can’t believe he could be saved….

  26. Hipp-Ee-Chik Says:

    I don’t care if he found religion or not,he was evil and that is /what he was,not this other person Peter that he became caught for his crimes.

  27. I want to state that I am very religious, however, I think that many fellow Christians out there making comments are very misguided in their thinking about this monster. The last woman he kidnapped, that spoke to him about God and prayed with him was the one that received the miracle NOT the monster. God saved HER from bring killed….THAT was the miracle people! If he had not been caught right after he would have continued to kill. He was evil, and his actions later proved it. Actions do speak louder then words. As the lady above mentioned he never admitted his other crimes, and helped families find the bodies of their loved ones…..probably his way of continuing the torture he loved so much. This alone shows he was not sincere. Talking about God and Jesus doesn’t give a person a free pass, his actions prove he was a monster till the end. May he rot in hell for all eternity.

  28. sitehevistonomeacuerdo Says:

    Rest assured that this scumbag is with his father Satan in hell right now, hahahahahaaaaaa

  29. sitehevistonomeacuerdo Says:

    Conversion? Give me a break

  30. what can i say,saul was a killer,in the new testement,he changed,that man knew he was not going to get away from all those rapes and murders,but GOD has a way of healing folks,and takeing something bad,and makeing it good,only he can do that.he was a vicious killer.but im not GOD,only GOD knows what happen to this man in the end and if he was a fake,believe me GOD knows,not you or i.but i understand all the pain and suffering all those folks went through.i understand both sides.if not for GODS grace thiers no telling what some of us might have become.

  31. If your instincts are telling you that something just isn’t right; listen to it, the life you might be saving, maybe your own…..

  32. For all you Pharisees here:
    Matt. 7:21“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

    Crossway Bibles (2011-02-09). The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (Kindle Locations 37848-37852). Good News Publishers/Crossway Books. Kindle Edition.

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