12 March 1975 – Olga Hepnarová

Olga HepnarováMad at the world and her family Olga Hepnarová took her revenge out on some innocent commuters.


Full of bitter hatred, Hepnarová steamrollered a truck over a crowd of about 25 people who were waiting for a tram in Prague.

The Czech mass murderer took down eight elderly people in her wake.

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Ironically she’d written to two newspapers beforehand, but the letters got to their destinations too late, otherwise the tragedy could have been averted.

As her self-confessed intention was to kill as many people as possible, and there was no sign of remorse, Hepnarová was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged.

Her execution took place at Pankrác Prison, making the 23-year-old the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia.

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12 March 1909 – Thomas Mead

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3 Responses to “12 March 1975 – Olga Hepnarová”

  1. I dont think you understand the cause of Olga Hepnarova well. She wrote a letters to the newspapers because she want to publicise through media why she did what she did. It wasnt ironicall warning, but elaborated coup. She wanted to go to the judge trial, through it she want say to the society, that society could by its cruelty create a monster from normal person like she thinks she is. So she use herself as exemplary lead. Olga was all her life chip away by people she meet. Also it looks she was autistic. That incident is very complicated. It is not about cruel murder, more its about distressed psychically ill person who was all life chiped away by society and who was ignored by doctors when she asked them to help her. It is hard to explain in english. But if you have any qustetions you can ask me.

    • I wrote several poems about her. Olga Hepnarová’s case imressed and inspired me, and I think, sometimes a stress of a hard life determines the guilt. Therefore I’m abolicionist in the question of capital punishment.
      On the other hand I think, she was sentenced to death not only because he had kill several people, but to freighten youth of Czechoslovakia in the middle of seventies.

      Béla Cselényi
      (poet; documentary clark)

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