12 March 1909 – Thomas Mead

Tanked up on booze, Thomas Meade beat the life out of his girlfriend and got done for it on this day in 1909.

Clean sweep

He was executed for killing Clara Howell after she was found dead following a spate of rows at their home. Apparently Meade had taken a swipe and floored her with a broom handle before laying into her with his bare fists.

He was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to die.

Mad for it

Progressively, Meade’s lawyers appealed the decision, asserting that the judge had swayed opinion dwelling on the possibility that Meade had been mad with rage.

If, instead they’d been allowed to say he was insane, Meade would been guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter and his life would have been spared.

Nice try, but it failed and 23-year-old Meade was strung up by Henry Pierrepoint and John Ellis in Leeds.

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