10 March 1999 – Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts

Roy ‘Hog’ RobertsEven a lie detector test couldn’t sway the governor of Missouri to let Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts off his crimes. So Roberts got a lethal injection even though he may have been innocent of his crimes. But it’s too late to say that now.

He had been found guilty of murdering a guard. He was blamed because he was memorable – all 337lbs of him. Roberts stood out, so would-be eye-witnesses locked on to him and he became an unwitting focus for their blame.

Needless to say, he protested his innocence throughout. In fact, he was so hell bent on proving he hadn’t stabbed the warden during a prison riot that he desperately offered to take a lie detector test, while he was on death row awaiting his fate.

The test results proved his innocence and were produced just days before the sentence was due to be carried out. But the governor just wasn’t interested and the 46-year-old’s execution took place anyway.

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3 Responses to “10 March 1999 – Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts”

  1. christopher mendoza Says:

    to the govener of missouri you are a low life, dog s*** rates better than you knowing a man is innoncent what a peice of s***, hope you go to hell fast and hard for what you have done and may the gentleman haunt you for the rest of your life

  2. mike Says:

    he can’t hear you his name was mel carnahan and he died in a plane crash a year later

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