6 March 1912 – Myer Abramovich (AKA Abramovitch)

Debt-ridden fruit and veg man Myer Abramovich killed then torched a restaurant-owning couple on their premises to cover up his crimes.

First he stabbed Solomon and Annie Millstein in their Spitalfields restaurant before making off with a stolen wad of cash, plus jewels. He then razed the restaurant to the ground to cover his tracks. Ultimately, his ploy failed and the law caught up with him and that’s when he crumbled and confessed all.

The 22-year-old hanged his head in guilt on this day in 1912 and his executioners at Pentonville were John Ellis and Albert Lum.

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One Response to “6 March 1912 – Myer Abramovich (AKA Abramovitch)”

  1. stuart grieve Says:

    He was 28 & he didn’t raze the restaurant to the ground. He set fire to them on the beds on which they lay. He didn’t try to cover his tracks unless donning the dead man’s clothes could be called such.

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