4 March 1944 – Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter

Louis ‘Lepke’ BuchalterRuthless racketeer and murderous mobster Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter was sent to the chair and fried today in 1944.

Buchalter made his name on the violent streets of 1930s’ New York. He was probably one of the highest profile catches the police made, during a time when gangsters literally dripped their lawlessness all over town.


Lepke was the pet name his mum had given him, but there was nothing warm and cuddly about this man. He was an out and out thug, who had two prison sentences under his belt by the time he was 22. He had a bunch of henchmen under his thumb too, who’d been collectively christened Murder Inc by the press. And that’s exactly what they’d do – carry out a plethora of contract killings on his every whim.


Drugs, murder, protection rackets, you name it, Buchalter was into it, and that’s what made him a big name in the organised crime world. But, ultimately, the law was to get the better of him. The ring was blown open when members of his henchmen started popping their clogs. One by one they were arrested and executed at Sing Sing.

Buchalter was already on the run for drugs charges and finally he was caught and had up on murder charges too, alongside two fellow mob men, Emanuel ‘Mendy’ Weiss, and Louis Capone. The charges stuck and they were sent down for their crimes.

The trio met their end one after the other on this day in 1944, as they each took turns to sit in the hot seat. Buchalter was 47 years old.

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One Response to “4 March 1944 – Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter”

  1. The electric chair didn’t “fry” people. It BROILED them.

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