4 March 1944 – Emanuel Weiss and Louis Capone

Emanuel WeissHenchmen Emanuel ‘Mendy’ Weiss and Louise Capone were sent to the electric chair for doing the Jewish Mafia’s dirty work on the streets of New York.

Weiss men

Accomplished hit man, Weiss, 37, (pictured) was a key member of Murder Inc alongside Capone, roughly 47. They’d carry out contract killings on behalf of their gangster bosses, of which Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter was one.

It was under Buchalter that Weiss started out. Along with Louis Capone (who was, by the way, unrelated to Al), the two became dependable assassins, who’d be on hand to bump people off on the merest whim of their lawless lords.

The two of them were finally hauled up for killing another mobster, Joseph Rosen, who’d threatened to expose the whole rotten lot.

Job lot

It turned out the prosecution didn’t need Rosen after all. Ex-mob men were forming an orderly queue to expose their former colleagues and bosses. And it was the compelling evidence they provided that ensured Weiss, Capone and Buchalter were sent down. The pair, along with their boss Buchalter, were sentenced to be executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing and they were put to death one after the other.

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