2 March 1946 – Fidél Pálffy ab Erdod

Nazi sympathiser Count Fidél Pálffy ab Erdod was hanged for his treasonous beliefs just after the Second World War.

The Hungarian nobleman had fallen on hard times following the 1929 economic slump, known as the Great Depression, so he turned his hand to right-wing politics. He founded the Hungarian National Socialist Party before merging with two other sympathetic groups.

The party looked to Germany for guidance and a couple of years into World War II, in 1941, Pálffy reinvented the party and relaunched it as a pro-German entity.

He caught the attention of his German allies and was considered suitable to lead the SS in Hungary. But it was never meant to be and Pálffy only ever became Minister of Agriculture.

But that was enough – it was in this capacity that he was found guilty of collaborating with the Nazis. His actions were seen as treason and Pálffy was hanged for his right-wing activities, aged 50.

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