1 March 1910 – George Perry

Racked by jealous rage at being excluded, waster George Perry was executed for taking his anger out on his ex-girlfriend.

The 27-year-old was hanged at Pentonville Prison for the murder of Annie Covell (AKA Correll).


The ex-soldier-cum-window-cleaner had been lodging with his 27-year-old girlfriend’s family. But, without a job, he was unable to pay his way, so they had no choice but to kick him out.


The couple broke up for a while and, during this time, Perry found out that his ex had been invited to a wedding, but he hadn’t. Angered by this rejection, he vowed to turn up at the wedding anyway and make his feelings perfectly plain. Thankfully he was talked out of it.

Thing is, in the interim, they got back together as a couple. So, when the day of the wedding came, Covell sneaked off without him and that angered him further. Perry caught her coming back after the reception and confronted her at her home in Ealing. The row escalated and he ended up stabbing her with a penknife.

Perry was found guilty of murder and as a result, the 27-year-old was put to death by Henry Pierrepoint and William Willis at Pentonville.

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