26 February 2000 – Betty Lou Beets

Betty Lou BeetsWhy waste time with divorce when you can bump your husband off instead, thought Betty Lou Beets? And this is how the Texan managed to offload two of her five husbands.

Missing a Beet

Beets announced to her son that she wanted to rid herself of her husband and told him to get lost so she could do the deed. A couple of hours later he returned to find his blasted step dad complete with two bullet holes in his chest. He then helped his mum bury his step dad in the garden, before Beets, bold as brass, reported her husband missing.

Heartless Beet

They then planted his heart condition pills in a boat, which the police found downstream three weeks later. This made it look like he’d drowned and his body had been washed away. For two years she thought she’d got away with it…but suspicion never dies.

It wasn’t long before more evidence emerged and she was taken in. They also unearthed her husband plus another one of her former husbands in the yard.

Beets was found guilty of murder, and after 17 years on death row, the 62-year-old was finally put down by lethal injection in Texas.

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