19 February 1942 – Harry ‘Happy’ Malone

Happy Harry MaloneThe electric chair went into overdrive today in 1942, wiping out members of the mob in New York.

Two members of The Collection were sent to their death on the electric chair today in 1942.

Harry ‘Happy’ Malone made his name as a New York mobster and a particularly ruthless hit man. He’d bump people off on the whims of his bosses as part of The Collection gang, which was active in the 1930s – or Murder, Inc. as the press had christened them.
And why was he ‘Happy’? Well, it wasn’t for his charm or good naturedness, that’s for sure. Malone was never known to smile and he had a permanent grimace.

Let’s face it, he had nothing to smile about. Malone had been found guilty of murder, after he other members of Murder, Inc. were had up for killing George Rudnick in a gruesomely savage hit.

Job lot

It was a bad day for the Mob. They lost two key players in their hit team in one fell swoop. Malone was one of two people to be fried on the electric chair at Sing Sing on this day in 1942 for murdering George Rudnick, and was roughly 34 when he died. The other was his protegé Francesco “Frank” Abbandando. Their deaths marked the beginning of the end for The Collection.

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