17 February 1872 – Reverend Mariano Gómez and Father Jacinto Zamora

Priest MartyrsThe two other members of the Gomburza martyrs, Reverend Mariano Gómez (standing to the left in the picture) and Father Jacinto Zamora (seated) were Filipino priests who were executed for treason.

Along with Jose Burgos (pictured centre) they were sentenced to death following a pseudo-trial in which they were really had up as examples to dissenters.

Reverend Mariano Gómez, having been born in the suburb of Santa Cruz in Manila, trained as a priest and was posted to Cavite. This area was controlled by the Spanish much to the monastery’s displeasure and it wasn’t long before cracks in the uneasy relationship started to appear.

Home truths

Needless to say dissension was brewing as home-grown friars were being overlooked in favour of the influx of Spanish priests. Ironically of mixed Chinese and Spanish blood, the Reverend worked hard to protect his fellow Filipino-Spanish priests and used the local newspaper ‘La Verdad’ (‘The Truth’) to publish anti-Spanish information.

As a clergyman, he had power in the area, so the Spanish in turn arrested him on charges of treason, sedition, and taking active part in Cavite’s armed revolution along with Jose Apolonio Burgos and Jacinto Zamora. The trio were given the death sentence after having been tried in a military court.

Father Gomez was about 73 years of age when he was garrotted in Bagumbayan. He was followed by 37-year-old Father Jacinto Zamora, who’d also been at Manila Cathedral.

Father Zamora had teetered on the brink of madness, due largely to his imprisonment and trial. So his death came not a moment too soon. And their work was not in vain either. For their actions, the three men were hailed as martyrs to their cause.


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