17 February 1872 – Jose Burgos

Jose BurgosThe most vocal of the trio of Gomburza martyrs, Jose Burgos was sentenced to be garrotted for treason in the Philippines.

José Apolonio Burgos teamed up with a host of followers in Cavite and fellow Spanish-Filipino priests from the surrounding area to promote liberal ideas. These activities were in direct opposition to the overwhelming Spanish influence.


Filipinos fight back

Based at Manila Cathedral, Burgos campaigned for liberalising laws and it was this kind of action that ensured support from the locals. On 20 January 1872 there was an uprising and 200-odd locals killed their Spanish officers.

The Spanish hit hard and within two days the uprising had been quelled. The trio of priests were slung in jail and had up for treason. A mock trial was then staged and the three clergymen were found guilty.

Burgos was the first to be garrotted in Manila, aged 35, followed by the other two clergymen. The iron collar was said to gradually strangle the victims, often taking two days to kill.

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