14 February 2004 – Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai‘Killing people is very usual, nothing special.’ So thought serial killer Yang Xinhai, which is probably why he targeted 67 victims in just four years.

China executed Yang Zinhai on this day in 2004 after he was found guilty of killing 67 people. He also had 23 rapes and 10 seriously injured under his belt.


Crime spree

His murderous reign began after he’d been released in 2001 from a prison labour camp, where he did time for rape and theft. From then Xinhai managed to brutally batter his way through 67 people throughout central China.

Poignantly he nigh on wiped out an entire family who had been due to move house just three days later. Liu Zhanwei, his wife, son and daughter were killed outright. Zhanwei’s mother could flicker her eyelids, but could no longer speak according to her husband, who’d luckily escaped the massacre by sleeping in the new house that fateful night. His wife was to die later in hospital.


Xinhai had taken an iron hammer to the family and that was one of his preferred methods. He’d use a meat cleaver or new hammer for each of his sets of victims.

However, his murderous days were up when finally the law caught up with the crazed killer. Xinhai was slung in jail and sent to trial.

Following the overwhelming evidence against him, it took a jury less than an hour to find him guilty and he was consequently sentenced to death. Unlike his victims tortured deaths, Xinhai’s was instant – he simply received a single gunshot to his head.

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