13 February 1542 – Catherine Howard

Catherine HowardCatherine Howard was a bit of a goer by all accounts. But did that really mean she should lose her head on this day in 1542?

Howard was Henry VIII’s fifth wife, and it was his consort’s alleged extra-curricular love life that earned her a beheading for treason.

A bit of alright

With his voracious appetite for wives, Henry VIII had originally singled Catherine Howard out as a bit of much longed for eye candy after his arranged marriage to the plain and puritanically unsexy Anne of Cleves was annulled.

Needless to say Howard’s racy reputation failed to die down despite the sanctity of her royal marriage. Her conduct during the marriage and her infamy that preceded it all served to ensure that Henry felt cuckolded.

Off with her head

As a proud man and one not to shy away from doling out death penalties at a drop of an axe, Henry was quick to get Howard beheaded on grounds of treason.

Henry’s penultimate wife of two years was just 21 when she parted company with her head. And with that, fatefully, Catherine met the same end as her cousin…Anne Boleyn, leaving Henry free to bag his next and final spouse.

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One Response to “13 February 1542 – Catherine Howard”

  1. Her 3 lovers ,Mannox,Dereham and Culpepper suffered different fates …Culpepper ( who had slept with the Queen ,his cousin in fact !),was only beheaded . Mannox ( who had only ” groped ” her before she was Queen ! ) and Dereham ( who had slept with her prior to her being Queen ) were Hanged , Drawn and Quartered ! ….Henry had a funny idea about ” Justice ” !!!

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