7 February 2006 – Glenn Lee Benner II

Glenn Lee Benner II‘Words seem so futile. All I can say is I’m sorry. May God give you peace,’ said a repentant Glenn Benner II as he waited for his killer injection.

The convicted rapist and murderer spent nearly half his life on death row to think on his crimes. He’d been found guilty of the kidnap, rape and murder of two women, a 26-year-old and a 21-year old in America.

Childhood friend

Poignantly the younger victim, Trina Bowser had known her assailant since childhood. She was found strangled with her ankles bound and underwear tied round her neck in the boot of her car, which had been sent over a cliff. Underwear seemed to be his calling card.

Knotted underwear turned up at the next crime scene too. His other victim Cynthia Sedgwick disappeared after having been to a gig. She was seen drunk and being taken away by a man. Observers got suspicious and went after the pair, but failed to locate her. She was later found raped and strangled in a wooded area nearby. Her underwear was knotted together and found not far off from her rotting corpse.


Benner also managed to rape Nancy Hale but tried and failed to target a jogger before he was apprehended. The State of Ohio wasted no time in sending him to trial and he was found him guilty in May 1986. He was finally put down nearly 20 years later by injection, aged 43.

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