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6 February 1934 – Ernest Brown

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It was Ernest Brown’s turn on this day in 1934.

The 35-year-old was scaffold-bound for killing a rich cattle farmer, by the name of Frederick Ellison Morton.

Wicked ways

Brown’s motive was obvious. While he worked for Morton, he was concurrently having it away with Morton’s wife Dorothy. One day the illicit couple rowed, Brown hit her and disappeared off.

Not long after, Dorothy heard a shot being fired. With the phone dead and being scared for her life, Dorothy and a friend locked themselves away in her bedroom.


There was an explosion at about 3:30am and the garage caught alight. It raged for a while and emergency services were finally able to gain access six hours later, where they found Morton’s corpse. He’d be shot in the chest.

Brown was arrested and put on trial for the murder where he was found guilty and sentenced to death. His execution was carried out at Armley Gaol, in Leeds, by Thomas Pierrepoint.

Also on this day

6 February 2003 – Henry Earl Dunn, Jr
6 February 1740 – Elizabeth Winchley

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6 February 2003 – Henry Earl Dunn Jr

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Henry Earl Dunn JrHate-crime offender Henry Earl Dunn Jr expressed sorrow for his actions in the lead up to his execution today. He’d been found guilty of a senseless crime, where an innocent homosexual was targeted.

Of course Dunn tried to wriggle out of his sentence. He devoted his time on death row to trying to get his sentence reduced to life imprisonment. Dunn fought on the basis that he was a first-time offender and that he’d been fitted up with other charges that had led to the death penalty.

His campaign failed, natch, or we wouldn’t be writing about him. And there was no getting away from the fact that he was guilty of murder. Of that, there was no doubt.


At just 19, he teamed up with a couple of mates to go cruising. The leader of the gang Donald Aldrich suggested a stint of senseless gay bashing and headed for a well known area frequented by homosexuals.

There Dunn lured the unsuspecting Nicholas West to a car park. They then drove him at gun point to a remote area in Texas, where they callously peppered West’s body full of bullet holes.

Half dead

Apparently West begged them to stop shooting, to which they drove off leaving him to die of his injuries. His corpse was found two days later.

Dunn along with his mate Aldrich, who had harboured a resentment of homosexuals after his cousin had raped him at the age of 9, were caught and tried for murder.

Their other accomplice, David McMillan was done for aggravated robbery and kidnapping. All were found guilty of their brutal and homophobic crimes – Dunn and Aldrich got the death penalty and McMillan got life imprisonment.

End of the line

After a tireless campaign to get his sentence overturned, 28-year-old Dunn’s time finally ran out. As preparations were made for his execution, Dunn addressed family of the man he’d killed, saying, ‘I hope you can find it in your heart to find forgiveness and strength, to move on and find peace’. They then put the line in and Dunn was put down by lethal injection in Texas on 6 February 2003.

Aldrich, 39, followed roughly 18 months later on 12 October 2004.

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6 February 1740 – Elizabeth Winchley

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Elizabeth Winchley met her maker today in 1740 for bumping off the hired help.

Winchley was hanged at Peterborough for poisoning her maid.

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