3 February 1903 – Annie Walters and Amelia Sach

A duo of baby killing mass murderers was executed today in a double hanging in 1903.

A couple of notorious baby farmers in Finchley were sentenced to death for killing babies they were meant to be looking after, all in the pursuit of financial gain.

Midwife crisis

The brains behind the Finchley baby-farming scam, 32-year-old Amelia Sach had opened a nursing home for unmarried mothers, where she’d help them have their babies then offer to look after them and get them into foster care.

In a day when babies born out of wedlock were considered a taboo, the service was a boon. Little did the unsuspecting mothers know that Sach would actually then offload their offspring on to the brawn of the operation – 54-year-old Annie Walters. In turn, Walters would then drug them, bury them in a rubbish dump or lob them into the river Thames.

Baby love

But Walters was not as switched on as Sach and on one occasion she took one of the kiddies home with her to her lodgings. She blagged to her policeman landlord that she was looking after the little girl for her friends while they were on holiday.

So, imagine his wife’s surprise when the little girl turned out to be a little boy at nappy changing time. A few days later a visibly upset Walters told the couple that the baby had died in its sleep.

That episode in isolation may not have provoked suspicion as infant mortality was high during that era. But when it happened again a matter of months later, the policeman’s powers of deduction kicked in and Walters was packed off down the police station.

Body of evidence

Naturally Sach was not far behind, as Walters cracked and gave details of where and how. Incriminating clothes and babies’ bodies were unearthed and they put before the Old Bailey.

The jury needed a mere 40 minutes to deliberate and the women were found guilty and sentenced to death. They were the first women to be hanged at Holloway and the executions were carried out by a young Henry Pierrepoint.

But theirs wasn’t a quiet exit. The two women had to be carried to the scaffold, protesting against the harsh sentence irrespective of the fact that they’d killed around 20 babies. This remains the only female double hanging of modern times.

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5 Responses to “3 February 1903 – Annie Walters and Amelia Sach”

  1. michelle lester Says:

    where are the pics yo

  2. HANGED is not a word it’s HUNG. Using the incorrect word in a printed article and or journal make this site look unreliable and makes the writters look like dumbasses!

    • Old Sparky Says:

      Hanged is definitely a word and is used correctly here and throughout the rest of the site

  3. Dimps.ELA Says:


  4. elizabeth Says:

    I Am Amelias Great Great Grand Daughter 🙂 No Jokes Can Prove it her daughter was my mums mums mum

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