2 February 1945 – Carl Goerdeler

Carl GoerdelerBeing brave enough to speak out against the Nazis lost Carl Friedrich Goerdeler his head. Still, it managed to make it onto a stamp, so all was not lost.

The German politician was beheaded for daring to put up a feisty counter argument against the fascist regime in the lead up to the Second World War. He was by no means a vehement leftie, more that he disliked Hitler’s policies. And boy did he feel strongly, so much so that he felt compelled to resign his position as a statement of opposition to the right-wing policies and the stance on inflation.

Fighting back

But as the regime’s claws dug deep into Germany, so he was prompted to join the Resistance movement, rather than feel emasculated. Ultimately that was the beginning of the end for the elder statesman.

There he was embroiled in a conspiracy to kill Hitler, in what was known as the July Plot. But the plans got busted by the Gestapo, which then hauled him in for their special kind of questioning.

The torturous interrogations were spun out over five months before the 60-year-old was finally put out of his misery. Goerdeler was found guilty and the penalty was execution at Plötzensee prison. Most poignantly though, his decapitation took place a mere matter of months before the Second World War ended.

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