1 February 1944 – Franz Kutschera

Franz KutscheraAustrian-born SS officer Franz Kutschera was executed today for committing Nazi war crimes against the Polish nation. He stood accused of the mass murder of innocent people in Warsaw.

From humble beginnings, he worked his way up – his fanaticism for the Nazi cause helping to underpin his advancement.

It was in these positions of power that the murders were said to have taken place, while Kutschera was an SS general in during the Second World War and Gauleiter (or party leader) for Carinthia.

Publicly executed

He was found guilty of war crimes and genocide by the Polish Home Army and the then exiled government. The 39-year-old was shot in front of his former employer’s SS headquarters, right in the centre of Warsaw, by the members of the army.

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5 Responses to “1 February 1944 – Franz Kutschera”

  1. Yoheved Berwald-Netter Says:

    My Father, Henryk Abraham BERWALD, born on 25.11.1909, was among the 100 prisoners rounded-up and executed following F. Kutschera’s killing by A.K.
    Having escaped from Warsaw ghetto in 1942, we lived in the Polish side of Warsaw, using false identity cards. My Mother and I, had papers on the name Molenda. I do not know what name appeared on my Father’s papers. For security reasons we lived in separate places but met frequently. After the round-up, the prisoners were placed, for some time, in the Pawiak prison . I remember helping my Mother in preparing food parcels that were deposited once a week, until the execution. I was 5 years old at the time. I live now in Paris, France, and can be reached by e-mail deposited on this site.

  2. Mark Kranich Says:

    I have a historical interest in this event; if there is anyone who can shed more light on it I would be very pleased to be contacted.
    Many thanks,

    • Magda Goralczyk Says:

      There is not that much material about that event. My” grand aunt” – Stanislawa Zysk , was one of the people who executed him. She was in jail until 1956 , cause of this. Noone could talk about it , cause of communism in Poland. She had to leave Poland for years after 1956. My mom never talked about it, cause they were afraid I will talk about it at school. My aunt died in August 1990 in Warsaw.

  3. gordon stanley Says:

    I have the complete details of the Kutschera execution in front of his home i got the data from the library of congress

  4. gordon stanley Says:

    have complete details of kutschera execution got info from library of congrress his syccessoe paul otto geiibel was caught after war
    tried in poland for crimes against humanity & was imprisoned in 1966 he committed suicide in prison

    several members of the commando that meted out justice to kutschera were wounded & later died

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